Unique Opportunities 

Alvin L.  Masters has a lot of unique things to offer the incoming student .

Students receive not only a great musical foundation but learn superior technical skills.  Masters School of Music students often sound better than students with shaky technical skills with inability to play with a beautiful tone and correct dynamics .

As a composer he has great appealing original repertoire he often uses to motivate students and build enthusiasm plus as an instructor with decades of experience he knows what are the best songs to meet the students needs

Primary emphasis in lessons is classical piano but other types of music are offered .  

As a teacher , his track recorded is awesome , hundreds of successful conservatory candidates in the Royal Conservatory of Music program , scholarship winners , conservatory graduates . A good number of former students are teaching in the Atlanta area and other locations .

As an active producer and recording artist Al Masters has not only mastered the art of teaching and composing but  also has
secure knowledge of professional audio and studio skills .  

He truly follows the traditional role of the composer - pianist  as a teacher like Bach , Mozart, Beethoven Clementi ,  Liszt, Heller , Burgmuller , Chopin,  Bartok  and countless others . 

There are few others quite like him in the composer - teacher area in this regard in north Atlanta unless they are college professors .    

Few have his success rate in important areas of the pianists art ,  especially with technique and mastery of the instrument.   

Be a part of this success and mail Al today at alvinlloydmasters@unseen.is for the fastest response in booking .    

Use the contact form on this site or call 770 -594-8747 .  

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