Rates and Ongoing Special Deals

Rate Information  


Current rates for lessons are $115. 00 per month for four thirty minute lessons . Most students after studying a while

do forty five minute lessons , these are based on the above rate .

Families with more than one person studying get a generous discount .   

There is no extra lesson charge for weeks that have five months .  

These typically are used as make up lessons .  

Make up lesson policy is generous and will meet your needs , you won't pay for lessons you don't get ever !

When you come in for lessons the first time for one month and ask about your free special offer .

No late fees or registration fees as long as you make payment in the month you are studying . 

Many of the materials are provided from Masters School of Music , free classical solos and other appealing repertoire 

published by  Alvin L. Masters  .  Lesson Books typically cost 5.00 - $6.00 when beginning . 

Discontinuation  requires a thirty day notice .  Many families have studied at the school for over a decade and more ! A good number of my students have become piano teachers and music scholarship winners . 

Teaching is relaxed and professional never negative or abusive , I get amazing results by teaching correctly and positive . Over thirty years experience , I know what does and does not work .  B.S and M.A. in music .  

Open door policy and parents can sit in the lesson when they want  , the studio is around 1000 square feet there are no

other distractions from other instruments or students while your lesson is in process. The environment is smoke free and first class .

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