New Piano Works , Recordings and Improved Mixes 2016 !


the piano solo recording 

I'm really excited to release some these new works with improved mixes , my music has needed some mixing improvements for a long time. I'm happy to say it's almost there ,  my tracks have never sounded better ! 

Producing superior piano solo recordings is one of the most  difficult  things to obtain in the industry , most  studios and engineers
know the best 'sweet spots "  , places to set up the microphones for the best sound.  This actually takes a lot of work and ingenuity
to come up with the exact best sound places , it's almost a lost art form . After thousands of trials and errors I finally developed
a microphone set up for my specific room and piano .

The main thing is the composition itself and the pianist's performance , after these,  the tuning and technical aspects of the piano   
must be  impeccable , I've gotten the best results in the Atlanta area with Spivey Hall's piano tuner  and tech Craig Miller . 

My new audio mastering set up is awesome ! Enjoy and download some of these recent takes scheduled for a compact disc release soon .

Order you copyb today, also look under the Music category in this site .

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