Al Master's Students are Masters Too ! Feb 23 , 2016 .

Our studios recently hosted a piano party Musicale and the students sounded amazing , I'll post some videos 
of performances in the next several days . It was really great to see the kids so eager to perform in front of each other
and show what they can do . I can't wait to get them ALL on a concert stage in the near future .  The modern AMERICAN repertoire was particularly emotional ,  dynamic  and expressive for the younger students . I don't think I heard a single wrong note . The performances were technically clean , perfect rhythms and outstanding dynamics  !  What more could a teacher ask ?  KUDOS kiddos from Mr. Masters and Shirley !  Keep up the good work .  

You are not the typical piano student playing out of  boring lesson book s in an overpriced  piano course  going no where , sure the pictures in those books are pretty but the songs awful , No one is being helped except teachers and parents  not seeking the best . 

I have a friend , a noted concert pianist who recently told me how much he hated his school , the parents and  teaching . I'm exactly the opposite over here on this side of town , my parents and families are awesome and I love
teaching these days more than ever .  I like the smiles on the faces and to hear those gorgeous songs , people
that know the truth know that Master's students are second to few in our area . 

Thanks to our piano studio  tuner Spivey Hall's  Craig Miller  for helping the students sound great . Our old Korean
grand  has never sounded 
better despite the humidity . Miller is impeccable and one of the best in the world . All the
parents wanted his number after our event. 

I'll be posting some videos and examples of tuning of recordings with various local Atlanta tuners and discussing how lack of professionalism in tuning is ruining the piano business and allowing keyboards to take over the show in an upcoming blog and will be posting it to area teachers , universities , music stores , and churches .    

I've got lots of great news regarding my compositions and recordings I'll post in a future blog . Thanks !   

Videos as Promised ! Mar 11 , 2016 

Here are couple of videos of a couple of songs from the Musicale , I think they sound awesome ! 

Your teacher is good at correct teaching correct trill performance , you can't find that every where ,
lots of other teachers don't even use a metronome and put you in endless lessons books that go no where .  
What a rip off . 

Stella one of our stellar students !  

Talia's gives an emotional performance  , great rhythm and control for third grade . Rising star for certain ! 



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