At no additional charge and complimentary to enrolled students Masters School of Music will be offering a bonus program to encourage growth and good playing skills . Every week there will be a brief  biography of one of the great composers discussed as students learn about their greatest masterpieces and where they occurred in the main music time periods . 

Emphasis will  be on the more well known pianist - composers who have made a lasting contribution to the art  of piano . 

There will be bonus games and activities to make learning fun !  

There is a lot of emphasis out there having students learn with the goal in mind of a " big show or  superfluous activity  ."
Lots of times these special events  are extremely  time consuming , expensive , and may or may not have a positive result with the students . It 's my goal to encourage in other ways as lots of the big show activities are prestige time wasters . 

Our recital is planned and  I predict it will be our finest ever !  it is my goal  to encourage love of learning and positive accomplishment within reasonable bounds  .

It's a known fact that my students simply sound better , play clearer with more control and better tone than lots of others out there, don't  waste money getting less when you can have the best ! 

The students at Masters School of Music have never sounded or played better than now ! The families and kids are some of the greatest I've ever taught . 

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