Celebrated American Violinist Alleges Suzuki a Fraud

Acclaimed American violinist Mark O Connor has researched the history of Suzuki thoroughly and his allegations appear to be factual. 

Often I encounter students coming to me for lessons  who are learning by rote memory and have difficulty reading and don't know even very basic skills. Sometimes if they have learned the piano keyboard in solfege they can't even tell me the names of the notes in English. Solfege is okay in France to learn piano but in American education systems it's not practical and will make learning more difficult should students want  to pursue choir, orchestra or band in the public education system later .    

There is no replacement for a solid music foundation and a sure clean beautiful technique is best learned by a teacher who knows what they are doing. I also encounter lots of students who don't know the correct manner to hold their hands , body, finger position. If this is not learned at an early age later on it can be difficult to obtain. Most American parents don't know the importance of finding the best teacher early on.  

I discourage parents to stay away from programs that exist for prestige that encourage rote memory over artistic substance and creativity.

There are many false beliefs in the musicians art that have taken music backwards and it's time to face them head on and restore the pursuit of music and it's love for it's own sake.   

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Mark O'Connor alleges Suzuki is a fraud .

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