Alvin Lloyd Masters Releases Satellite Babies and Six Other Downloadable albums

Alvin Lloyd Masters has remixed and audio mastered seven different piano and  piano with synth first week of
Dec . 2015 and has released them on Band Camp .

Satellite Babies was composed in 2010-2011 and the tracks here are intended to be for students to play .
Most teach popular new age chords and patterns , the composer is making a parody of  our modern dystopian surveillance times . 

Stars Above Venus and Tharis Tholis are the most substantial works on the album and both are recorded on a Korg
synth but  are piano solos .  

The album uses lots of reverb , phasers and special effects for audio lovers , the piano was recorded direct to two track
on a Steinway piano with Spivey Hall's world class tuner Craig Miller . 

Blue Jay Music and the Parnassus Piano Project hope you enjoy the new releases , you are welcome to listen
to individual tracks here at Master's School of Music 's web site at no charge . 

These tracks will be at other on line listening venues in the future ! 

The composer is writing lots always these days , new music and more unreleased material on the way !

Your support is appreciated.    Click this link to go to Satellite Babies


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