Alvin Lloyd Masters is Excited to Announce his Latest Piano CD recording ! Dream Walker !


the piano solo recording 


" Thank you dear Alvin for your great music. 
Your new album has just arrived.  

Dream Walker is truly wonderful!  

Every fragments which I listen to is worth special attention. 
Great impression, indeed, powerful and captivating. " 

Mariola S. in Poland 

" Your works are so beautiful, I've listened many pianists, but there will be always more, like you, with something  

unique.  Thank you " 

Mihail Sidorin USSR

" A significant achievement !

Peter Pritchard  NZ   ( Prolific new age  composer and pianist of the Nature Store's hit piano album the New Zealand  
Harmonic Piano from the 1990s ). 

Dream Walker listen and find out more on this site !


< The title track is rather lengthy and like the track Transcendence , it's an  emotional power house : musically and artistically
substantial !

The solo Appassionata Cantando is perhaps the most recorded of the composer's music and  his persona  favorite , As with lots
of his work it contains a quiet energy on a relaxed beat and is has a compelling melody .  

Some of the other tracks are very classically inspired , taking years to perfect , and two are spontaneous jazz creations , Lost Moments and White Billows were created off the cuff as improvisations despite the composers long list of unpublished sheet music scores !   

The composer thinks beautiful compelling melody is the most  important ingredient  in a  song and is highly critical of other types of music that don't  measure up . Too much music today is simply recorded in a studio using great sounding equipment  and virtuoso artists but the actual material is cliche , weak melodically and a doubtful contribution to humanity . In addition , most
piano music recorded to day fails artistically for it's lack of clear tone , nuance and dynamics , without these musical  qualities it's   hardly ever great . Music should be able to whisper or roar , it either does or it does not. Refined nuance should always be the
goal of great piano recordings and compositions . 

Dream Walker the album is foreboding , dark , mellow , warm and in words of Peter Pritchard , well known prolific New Zealand  composer and pianist " A significant achievement ! "  

For the price of a latte you can download one of the composer's greatest works you will love and enjoy forever ! 

Compact disc  coming soon at CD Baby , in addition to  Dream Walker  the composer recorded lots of other tracks the last week of April that will be published  in the near future .  

You can also listen to tracks under the music category of this site with links to Band Camp to purchase and download. 


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