Al Masters Gains Victory for Candidates in Royal Conservatory of Music Exams !

Royal Conservatory of Music Certificates in America Once Again Printed with Authentic Logos !  

Al Masters , instructor at Masters School of Music was one of the initial pioneers  in allowing the Royal Conservatory
of Music to use his studios at no charge in Atlanta and examine his piano students with their program.

For over a decade the candidates were given certificates exactly like the Royal Conservatory with the appropriate logos
as the work has always been the same . 

When the conservatory started growing , RCM exams  began a series of changes to certificates which Al felt harmed the integrity of the examinations and were unfair .  As he had been promised by the staff when changes were being made
that candidates would receive the same program exactly , same examiners , same syllabus and "same certificates." 
Unfortunately the certificates were altered and no longer incorporated the Royal Conservatory of Music logo !

Al informed them that  this was unacceptable and inherently unfair to do the same program and not get the same certificates !  He was  appalled to learn Canadians were even driving and flying for hours  from America to get
the certificates in Canada  !  The conservatory finally acquiesced  and authorized the 2014 session 
with appropriate logos . Al cannot promise the conservatory's continuing to do so in the future , only time will tell ! 

Al Masters is happy his strong insistence , legal recourse not withstanding, in this matter led to benefits now enjoyed by Americans and Canadians. Correct certificates may have to be issued to slighted candidates in the future who never got them as Al will continue to represent candidates rights .   Also he asks individuals using his domains and personal and business name in fraudulent fashion to cease as we continue to resolve our issues . 

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