Offering Quality Piano Lessons to Roswell , Alpharetta, Marietta , and Milton Georgia !

Time and time again Al Masters has taken students who have had little or no success with other teachers and made them exceptional musicians and enthusiastic students ! ”



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Current rates $117.00 monthly for four thirty minute lessons . 

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Masters School of Music 

425 Crossville Road 107
Roswell , Georgia 


Our students are amazing !

Study with the best !

Beginners , intermediate , and very advanced !

Instructor Alvin Lloyd Masters ,
decades of successful piano teaching
experience ! 

Diplomas B.S. M.A.  . 

Honors first class with distinction nine times from the Royal Conservatory. 

Involvement of hundreds of candidates in the conservatory exam program. 

Active teacher , composer, producer , and recording artist 
Call today and ask about our SPECIAL OFFERS when you mention this site .

Masters School of Music

425 Crossville Road 107 Roswell , Georgia


Our students are amazing !

Study with the best !

Beginners , intermediate , and very advanced !

Instructor Alvin Lloyd Masters , decades of successful piano teaching experience !

Diplomas B.S. M.A. .

Honors first class with distinction nine times from the Royal Conservatory.

Involvement of hundreds of candidates in the conservatory exam program.

Active teacher , composer, producer , and recording artist

Call today and ask about our SPECIAL OFFERS when you mention this site .

To be the best , study with the best !  

Welcome to the official web site of  Masters School of Music , the piano teaching studio of Alvin Lloyd Masters .

Masters School of Music is one of the most respected and sought after places for piano lessons in the Atlanta area. The long tradition of success of  the school is due to the quality of instruction and the great sounding students . Located in Roswell Georgia, Masters School of Music was established in 1989.  

The studio offers lessons to beginners , intermediate and the very advanced !

The success rate has always been high ! Our videos are our actual students ! 

Almost everyone learns to play proficiently and often are amazing.  It's all in the approach . 

All lessons are taught in a spacious well lighted studio on a concert grand. The school has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to observe . 

Our students have always been from many international backgrounds and we are proud of our legacy,  pioneers in
bringing an international conservatory music program to Atlanta now in existence for over two decades !   

Best Rates and Best Quality !

Costs is competitive with no extra charge for lessons with five weeks , this week is often used as a make up lesson .

Ask about our special tuition offers and referrals program !

This is the best place for  Piano Lessons in Roswell , Milton , Alpharetta , John's Creek , Marietta , East Cobb  and we draw piano students from all over the Atlanta metro area .  We have even had students drive as far away as
Peachtree City and neighboring counties to receive our instruction ! 

The First Lessons are Important      

If you are a beginner looking to succeed Masters School of Music is the best place,  this is an important time to set you on the right path with good habits. Not all teacher know how correctly for the best results ! Our younger students can play impressive and sound better than lots of much older students who have not been shown correct technique .

Is this you or your child  ?   

If you are an intermediate or advanced  student but your current lessons are unenthusiastic, you can't read music well, you lack  technical skills and everything you play does not sound right no matter how hard you try, you always play some wrong notes, you may be playing everything too loud with poor technique and have not been shown the best way to play, your dynamics soft to loud are nonexistent and your current teacher can't offer tips, you don't know the difference in the various trills and how to perform them in their historical context correctly, your rhythm is not precise and you can't play with a metronome, you memorize by playing over and over again, can't play while reading a score and your teacher has not shown you any memory tips, your music lessons are not fun, you are learning in a multi million dollar business but having lessons on a small upright or keyboard in a cramped smokey room or in a home lesson environment with many distractions. You aren't receiving the best and are paying too much. As a representative with an international conservatory for over twenty years  Al Masters  is aware of the ineffective teaching out there in the Atlanta area and possesses the know how to get you where you deserve to be ! You are missing out. Don't be deceived by ineffective methods, programs and teachers that promise but don't deliver good results. Never study with any one who mistreats you or your family in any way. Success can best be achieved with a positive approach .   Contact Masters School of Music for the best ! 

Contact  Al today , EMAIL HERE  for faster response    
Call 770-594-8747  






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Rates and Ongoing Special Deals  

Rate Information  


Current rates for lessons are $115. 00 per month for four thirty minute lessons . Most students after studying a while

do forty five minute lessons , these are based on the above rate .

Families with more than one person studying get a generous discount .   

There is no extra lesson charge for weeks that have five months .  

These typically are used as make up lessons .  

Make up lesson policy is generous and will meet your needs , you won't pay for lessons you don't get ever !

When you come in for lessons the first time for one month and ask about your free special offer .

No late fees or registration fees as long as you make payment in the month you are studying . 

Many of the materials are provided from Masters School of Music , free classical solos and other appealing repertoire 

published by  Alvin L. Masters  .  Lesson Books typically cost 5.00 - $6.00 when beginning . 

Discontinuation  requires a thirty day notice .  Many families have studied at the school for over a decade and more ! A good number of my students have become piano teachers and music scholarship winners . 

Teaching is relaxed and professional never negative or abusive , I get amazing results by teaching correctly and positive . Over thirty years experience , I know what does and does not work .  B.S and M.A. in music .  

Open door policy and parents can sit in the lesson when they want  , the studio is around 1000 square feet there are no

other distractions from other instruments or students while your lesson is in process. The environment is smoke free and first class .




Date : AUG 20th 2017 

Time : 3:30 

Place : Piano Distributors ,

1736 Cobb Parkway Marietta , Georgia 30060 

Attire : Semi formal , small party afterwards  . 

Only personal videos permitted  for each recitalists . 

New videos and recordings coming soon !  


All recitalists should arrive around twenty minutes early .

Alvin Lloyd Masters is Excited to Announce his Latest Piano CD recording ! Dream Walker ! 


the piano solo recording 


" Thank you dear Alvin for your great music. 
Your new album has just arrived.  

Dream Walker is truly wonderful!  

Every fragments which I listen to is worth special attention. 
Great impression, indeed, powerful and captivating. " 

Mariola S. in Poland 

" Your works are so beautiful, I've listened many pianists, but there will be always more, like you, with something  

unique.  Thank you " 

Mihail Sidorin USSR

" A significant achievement !

Peter Pritchard  NZ   ( Prolific new age  composer and pianist of the Nature Store's hit piano album the New Zealand  
Harmonic Piano from the 1990s ). 

Dream Walker listen and find out more on this site !


< The title track is rather lengthy and like the track Transcendence , it's an  emotional power house : musically and artistically
substantial !

The solo Appassionata Cantando is perhaps the most recorded of the composer's music and  his persona  favorite , As with lots
of his work it contains a quiet energy on a relaxed beat and is has a compelling melody .  

Some of the other tracks are very classically inspired , taking years to perfect , and two are spontaneous jazz creations , Lost Moments and White Billows were created off the cuff as improvisations despite the composers long list of unpublished sheet music scores !   

The composer thinks beautiful compelling melody is the most  important ingredient  in a  song and is highly critical of other types of music that don't  measure up . Too much music today is simply recorded in a studio using great sounding equipment  and virtuoso artists but the actual material is cliche , weak melodically and a doubtful contribution to humanity . In addition , most
piano music recorded to day fails artistically for it's lack of clear tone , nuance and dynamics , without these musical  qualities it's   hardly ever great . Music should be able to whisper or roar , it either does or it does not. Refined nuance should always be the
goal of great piano recordings and compositions . 

Dream Walker the album is foreboding , dark , mellow , warm and in words of Peter Pritchard , well known prolific New Zealand  composer and pianist " A significant achievement ! "  

For the price of a latte you can download one of the composer's greatest works you will love and enjoy forever ! 

Compact disc  coming soon at CD Baby , in addition to  Dream Walker  the composer recorded lots of other tracks the last week of April that will be published  in the near future .  

You can also listen to tracks under the music category of this site with links to Band Camp to purchase and download. 


New Piano Works , Recordings and Improved Mixes 2016 !  


the piano solo recording 

I'm really excited to release some these new works with improved mixes , my music has needed some mixing improvements for a long time. I'm happy to say it's almost there ,  my tracks have never sounded better ! 

Producing superior piano solo recordings is one of the most  difficult  things to obtain in the industry , most  studios and engineers
know the best 'sweet spots "  , places to set up the microphones for the best sound.  This actually takes a lot of work and ingenuity
to come up with the exact best sound places , it's almost a lost art form . After thousands of trials and errors I finally developed
a microphone set up for my specific room and piano .

The main thing is the composition itself and the pianist's performance , after these,  the tuning and technical aspects of the piano   
must be  impeccable , I've gotten the best results in the Atlanta area with Spivey Hall's piano tuner  and tech Craig Miller . 

My new audio mastering set up is awesome ! Enjoy and download some of these recent takes scheduled for a compact disc release soon .

Order you copyb today, also look under the Music category in this site .


Al Master's Students are Masters Too ! Feb 23 , 2016 .

Our studios recently hosted a piano party Musicale and the students sounded amazing , I'll post some videos 
of performances in the next several days . It was really great to see the kids so eager to perform in front of each other
and show what they can do . I can't wait to get them ALL on a concert stage in the near future .  The modern AMERICAN repertoire was particularly emotional ,  dynamic  and expressive for the younger students . I don't think I heard a single wrong note . The performances were technically clean , perfect rhythms and outstanding dynamics  !  What more could a teacher ask ?  KUDOS kiddos from Mr. Masters and Shirley !  Keep up the good work .  

You are not the typical piano student playing out of  boring lesson book s in an overpriced  piano course  going no where , sure the pictures in those books are pretty but the songs awful , No one is being helped except teachers and parents  not seeking the best . 

I have a friend , a noted concert pianist who recently told me how much he hated his school , the parents and  teaching . I'm exactly the opposite over here on this side of town , my parents and families are awesome and I love
teaching these days more than ever .  I like the smiles on the faces and to hear those gorgeous songs , people
that know the truth know that Master's students are second to few in our area . 

Thanks to our piano studio  tuner Spivey Hall's  Craig Miller  for helping the students sound great . Our old Korean
grand  has never sounded 
better despite the humidity . Miller is impeccable and one of the best in the world . All the
parents wanted his number after our event. 

I'll be posting some videos and examples of tuning of recordings with various local Atlanta tuners and discussing how lack of professionalism in tuning is ruining the piano business and allowing keyboards to take over the show in an upcoming blog and will be posting it to area teachers , universities , music stores , and churches .    

I've got lots of great news regarding my compositions and recordings I'll post in a future blog . Thanks !   

Videos as Promised ! Mar 11 , 2016 

Here are couple of videos of a couple of songs from the Musicale , I think they sound awesome ! 

Your teacher is good at correct teaching correct trill performance , you can't find that every where ,
lots of other teachers don't even use a metronome and put you in endless lessons books that go no where .  
What a rip off . 

Stella one of our stellar students !  

Talia's gives an emotional performance  , great rhythm and control for third grade . Rising star for certain ! 



2016 Exciting Things Planned ! Thanks to You I Am Blessed  

I can't say enough good things about you for all the wonderful support  you have given me as a teacher , composer ,
producer and pianist !

There is hardly a day goes by without some kind comment  on a song from someone in the world I've never met or encouraging act on my behalf at my teaching studios !  My music truly attracts the very best !  

If interested in lessons it's best to communicate with me via email and my contacts at this site .  I'm often teaching or recording  and don't take calls during normal lesson hours so all scheduling is usually done via  e-mail .

Business is ever growing and recent improvements and changes we made in repertoire have created some amazing
enthusiasm at my studios !  We have an upcoming  Musicale scheduled in Feb. 2016 , with a recital and awards
ceremony a little later after the summer break . I can't wait to show off how well some of the students have improved
since last time !  It's all in the approach, considerate and compassionate instruction to meet the student's specific needs. I am finding my students today are greatly attracted to songs that are compelling , modern with beautiful quality . I plan on giving them exactly what they want ! This type of material is not mainstream for the most part  but we know where to find it . We plan on introducing some of the best in new American composers at Masters School of Music , we eventually won't overlook anyone .   

Last week I asked all my students if they enjoyed study with me and if they liked piano lessons and the response 
was overwhelming YES  , most meet me with a smile and can't wait to go to the piano and play what they have been
working on.            

As of 2016 I am going into my tenth year of composing almost every single day in a disciplined way . 

Once again your amazing support is awesome !  

New students often ask me what I preferred to be called is Mr. Masters , there has been a habit in the last
several years in education of  younger students calling their teacher Mr or Mrs and then their first name . It's
important children learn at an early age to address teachers and people they have just met with their proper 
surname last name) out of simple courtesy and to move them beyond the kindergarten level of thinking. 



Alvin Lloyd Masters Releases Satellite Babies and Six Other Downloadable albums 

Alvin Lloyd Masters has remixed and audio mastered seven different piano and  piano with synth first week of
Dec . 2015 and has released them on Band Camp .

Satellite Babies was composed in 2010-2011 and the tracks here are intended to be for students to play .
Most teach popular new age chords and patterns , the composer is making a parody of  our modern dystopian surveillance times . 

Stars Above Venus and Tharis Tholis are the most substantial works on the album and both are recorded on a Korg
synth but  are piano solos .  

The album uses lots of reverb , phasers and special effects for audio lovers , the piano was recorded direct to two track
on a Steinway piano with Spivey Hall's world class tuner Craig Miller . 

Blue Jay Music and the Parnassus Piano Project hope you enjoy the new releases , you are welcome to listen
to individual tracks here at Master's School of Music 's web site at no charge . 

These tracks will be at other on line listening venues in the future ! 

The composer is writing lots always these days , new music and more unreleased material on the way !

Your support is appreciated.    Click this link to go to Satellite Babies


Al Masters Gains Victory for Candidates in Royal Conservatory of Music Exams ! 

Royal Conservatory of Music Certificates in America Once Again Printed with Authentic Logos !  

Al Masters , instructor at Masters School of Music was one of the initial pioneers  in allowing the Royal Conservatory
of Music to use his studios at no charge in Atlanta and examine his piano students with their program.

For over a decade the candidates were given certificates exactly like the Royal Conservatory with the appropriate logos
as the work has always been the same . 

When the conservatory started growing , RCM exams  began a series of changes to certificates which Al felt harmed the integrity of the examinations and were unfair .  As he had been promised by the staff when changes were being made
that candidates would receive the same program exactly , same examiners , same syllabus and "same certificates." 
Unfortunately the certificates were altered and no longer incorporated the Royal Conservatory of Music logo !

Al informed them that  this was unacceptable and inherently unfair to do the same program and not get the same certificates !  He was  appalled to learn Canadians were even driving and flying for hours  from America to get
the certificates in Canada  !  The conservatory finally acquiesced  and authorized the 2014 session 
with appropriate logos . Al cannot promise the conservatory's continuing to do so in the future , only time will tell ! 

Al Masters is happy his strong insistence , legal recourse not withstanding, in this matter led to benefits now enjoyed by Americans and Canadians. Correct certificates may have to be issued to slighted candidates in the future who never got them as Al will continue to represent candidates rights .   Also he asks individuals using his domains and personal and business name in fraudulent fashion to cease as we continue to resolve our issues . 

Celebrated American Violinist Alleges Suzuki a Fraud  

Acclaimed American violinist Mark O Connor has researched the history of Suzuki thoroughly and his allegations appear to be factual. 

Often I encounter students coming to me for lessons  who are learning by rote memory and have difficulty reading and don't know even very basic skills. Sometimes if they have learned the piano keyboard in solfege they can't even tell me the names of the notes in English. Solfege is okay in France to learn piano but in American education systems it's not practical and will make learning more difficult should students want  to pursue choir, orchestra or band in the public education system later .    

There is no replacement for a solid music foundation and a sure clean beautiful technique is best learned by a teacher who knows what they are doing. I also encounter lots of students who don't know the correct manner to hold their hands , body, finger position. If this is not learned at an early age later on it can be difficult to obtain. Most American parents don't know the importance of finding the best teacher early on.  

I discourage parents to stay away from programs that exist for prestige that encourage rote memory over artistic substance and creativity.

There are many false beliefs in the musicians art that have taken music backwards and it's time to face them head on and restore the pursuit of music and it's love for it's own sake.   

See the link and decide for yourself . Call me today for an evaluation of your piano playing as I'm the best at correcting
students who lack correct skills to get the best tone and read well !   770-594-8747 Don't settle for less . You deserve the best !     
Mark O'Connor alleges Suzuki is a fraud .

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